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jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer

Photo: J. Manuel Alconchel


Nu Flamenco Coll.


Tel: +1 786 395 4421

Concierto de Aranjuez

Famous Master Piece by Maestro Joaquin Rodrigo is also available by request .


Pablo Croce

“Jose Luis possess a rare and sought after ‘signature sound,’ a tone uniquely and instantly recognizable as his and his alone. In addition, he has a passion, love and understanding of multiple musical genres. This makes him uniquely qualified to envision musical innovation as few others can.


He is able to combine his prodigious talent on the guitar, featuring the complex sub-divisions and rhythms of Flamenco music, with the sophisticated harmonic possibilities of a big band or a Classical Orchestra”.  

Colin Farish (Producer/Composer)


De la Paz Ensemble
jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer

Unlike other flamenco fusion projects, in this new work, Jose Luis and the other artists involved, create new spaces for compositions with a fresh and innovative sound that remains distinctively personal.


The band is made up of musicians with a variety of cultural and musical backgrounds, whose experiences create a synergistic experience filled with vitality, virtuosity, passion and the highest musical quality.

Origin & Evolution
Solo Concert

In this concert, Jose Luis returns to the classic pieces he learned while apprenticing with Mario Escudero, but he removes the packaging and reimagines their interpretive and compositional essence, while regenerating and reaffirming his own compositional style. With this, he brings audiences to a renewed understanding of the process of becoming a flamenco composer, as well as, a deeper appreciation of the flamenco guitar as a solo instrument.

jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer
Flamenco Music, Poetry and Mysticism 
jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer

José Luis de la Paz explora musicalmente algunos de los poemas más relevantes de la poesía mística española: San Juan de la Cruz, Teresa de Jesús y Juan Ramón Jiménez son algunos de los poetas a los que el guitarrista y compositor español pone música original

Suite For Flamenco Guitar & Orchestra

Avalon is a Suite for flamenco guitar and orchestra composed by Maestro Jose Luis Rodriguez with orchestrations by Maestro Alex Conde.


This Suite is divided into 7 independent pieces, each sub-divided into 4 movements; making this 45 minute work one of the longest and most elaborate pieces for Flamenco Guitar and Orchestra.

jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer
Multidisciplinary & Experimental Work
jose luis de la paz / guitarist and composer

Resonancias is an experience created from family stories...Places and people we never met, to whom we give form, color and movement in our minds: legends that affect us emotionally and are part of who we are. 


It is an emotional journey through the guitar that visits the experiences I did not live in an attempt to understand the complexities of the human mind. A space for reflection where the sounds of the guitar travel through the echoes of the family legacy embedded in memory.

jose luis de la paz


The History House
Niurca Marquez 
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Flamenco Sepharat
Of Essence & Time
Susana Behar / Niurca Marquez 
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Between Worlds
Siudy Garrido
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Susana Behar Trio
Susana Behar 
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