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Jose Luis de la Paz _ Photo by Jose M Alconchel_edited.jpg

"José Luis brings the classic style of traditional Flamenco into the modern era with not only jaw-dropping technique, but with a depth of emotion that will cause a powerful awakening in the hearts of his listeners"

"Jose Luis trae el estilo clásico del flamenco tradicional a nuestra era, no solo dejando a todos con la boca abierta, sino causando un profundo despertar en el corazón de quienes lo escuchan"


Berto Boyd

President of the Corvallis Guitar Society, 2018

Photo: J. Manuel Alconchel


Jose Luis de la Paz (1967) is an award-winning guitarist, recognized in all three disciplines of the Flamenco Art. He is a composer, virtuoso and performer whose original compositions range from the most traditional to the most experimental forms in flamenco music. 

Following the oral traditions of the form, he became the prized pupil of the legendary Mario Escudero at the age of 15. 

In 1995 he appeared in Felix Grande's book "Agenda Flamenca" as one of the best guitarists in Spain.

The unique versatility of José Luis de La Paz allows him to navigate the dazzling ocean of flamenco, from the accompaniment of singers and dancers to demanding waters to songwriting and solo performance. He was the musical director and composer for the Ballet Cristina Hoyos for ten years (the star of Carlos Saura’s films) and his collaborations, Siudy Garrido, José Mercé, Concha Buika, Belén Maya, Farruquito, Antonio Canales, La Des Moine Symphony Orchestra and The Los Angeles Philharmonic LA Phil, among other figures, they speak eloquently of his distinguished artistic personality.

While his practice is rooted in the traditional flamenco, Jose Luis’ work goes far and beyond the flamenco parameters, his music cannot be just labeled as flamenco, but as world music, this can be seen in one of his latest collaborations with the composer Colin Farish on his work "East of the Evening Star".

Jose Luis is an outstanding artist. His commitment to his practice, his profound knowledge of the tradition and the roots combined with the desire for research and experimentation, and his contemporary approach to flamenco music, gives Jose Luis a powerful potential to be considered as one of the best guitarists of today.

Recent Collaborations:

2021-22 He composed the musical “Ole-Ola” for Choreographer Cristina Hoyos and Director Jose Carlos Plaza premiered at the Eslava Theater in Madrid


2021 Premiere “Introspective” at the Knight Concert Hall Adrienne Arsht 


2020 Composed the music for the project “Decameron 20:20” by Susana Di Palma 


2020 Inaugural Concert New York for Flamenco Festival


2019 Collaboration with LAPhil at Hollywood Bowl in a version of Amor Brujo, under artistic direction by Siudy Garrido


2018 Creating the Scores for the film “Finding Compás” by Kathy Douglas


2018 Collaboration with Colin Farish in the cd “East of the Evening Star”


2018 Artistic Direction and Production o the album “Tapiz” by Sephardic singer Susana Behar (singer)


2017 “Concierto de Aranjuez”: Des Moines Symphony Orchestra (Joseph Giunta: conductor)


2016 US Artists Awards Nomination

2015 Premiere of his first Symphonic Work “Avalon or mento Guitar and Orchestra”


2015 “Amor Brujo” with the LA Philharmonic and Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, under the artistic direction of Siudy Garrido 




Jose Luis de la Paz’s career is part of the Library of Congress o US and he is part of the Marquis Who is Who in the US



Andalusí (1987) vinyl

Compilation Select (2003)

Memoria Andaluzí (2005) live

10X1 (2011) Grammy finalist

Escenas de Yerma (2016)

Introspective (2020)


Entre dos Barrios (1988) Coll. Jose Mendez

Besana (1987) Coll. Eduardo Garrocho

Tapiz (2018) Coll. Susana Behar

East of the evening Star (2018) Coll. Colin Farish


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