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Jose Luis de la Paz (guitar)

Alex Jordan (guitar)

Niurca Márquez (dance)

Gustavo Matamoros (electronics)



Jose Luis de la Paz (composer and musical director)

Niurca Márquez (choreographer & dancer)


Gary Lund (Tech. director)

Alexey Taran & Carla Forte (film-art)

Alexey Taran (light design & projections)



Nu Flamenco Collaborative

Personal Assistant: Marielly Ramirez/Damaris Ferrer


jose luis de la paz





The Gramophone (video-electronics)

Before I was (nana & farruca)



El patio de mi casa (tanguillo)

Siempre quise hablar francés



Pan con Aceite

Coplas para un mundo gris (video-electronics)



Mourning - Mujeres de luto

Vacio (cancion de amor)



Inocentes (video with Estrella Morena special guest)

La Novia del mar (alegría-electronics)




Before I was



Total Duration: 75min



Resonancias is an experience created from family stories...Places and people we never met, to whom we give form, color and movement in our minds: legends that affect us emotionally and are part of who we are. 


In that reality without time or space, my music searches for those people and places. The room with my father's old gramophone, where each week-end friends would gather to hear the voices of old singers among laughter and drinks..."you were in your mother's womb". The widows in black, bitter and resentful. The coplas (songs) in the kitchen, tragic and dramatic songs...misery, censorship...broken dreams, the backyard of my grandparents' home. 


It is an emotional journey through the guitar that visits the experiences I did not live in an attempt to understand the complexities of the human mind. A space for reflection where the sounds of the guitar travel through the echoes of the family legacy embedded in memory.


Multi-disciplinary Elements:


Resonancias is the culmination of work by a series of artists from different disciplines and backgrounds that lend their own perspective to the central storyline through visual, audio and physical elements. On the one hand, the video projections by Alexey Taran and Carla Forte illustrate the spaces the mind recreates and provoke sensations that allow the audience to enter the musical compositions. The choreography by Niurca Marquez embodies characters, sometimes real, sometimes abstract that live within this reality without space or time. Finally, the electronic sound design by Gustavo Matamoros creates a layer of distortion that leads the listener into their own abstractions, moving the experience through surround sound and live manipulations.


All of this allows transforms Resonancias into an audio-visual experience that goes beyond the traditional guitar concert without losing its protagonism as transmitter of emotions and sensations, and flamenco’s essence.


Jose Luis says:


I see it, the concertist from his/her chair o “throne”, in the distance, always alone in his/her own little world…it’s something I’ve always wanted to break free from without losing my identity. In many ways, Resonancias eliminates this distance and brings the audience into the scene while the music roams between thoughts, unsettling emotions, imagined scenes, verses, dreams…

I have also had the privilege of working with a team of very dedicated artists who understood that this was an opportunity to put all our practices at the mercy of a story, to create an experience, whether it is understood or not.


Niurca says:


The idea of using the dance as content and not form, as one of many elements to tell a story is not new in our collaborative work, but in Resonancias, I have had the opportunity to develop characters using codes from a variety of artistic genres in an almost minimalist manner. These women jump from screen to stage, flamenco to contemporary dance, physical theater to performance art without really caring about existing boundaries. Being directed by Alexey Taran, an artist who does not come from the world of flamenco but understands some of its codes, has allowed me to focus on the doing and has been very liberating.




Individual Monitors

1 monitor - guitar 1

1 monitors - guitar 2

2-4 side-fields for dance and stage mix


4 separate monitor mixes.



2 flamenco/classical guitar



Screen for projections (projections are in Cinemascope and it have sound too)

Connectors for computer (VGA) and 1 stereo sound box for projections.

Sound and projections will be manipulated from the computer by Alexey Taran or our technician.




Reverb Lexicon or similar (we could need 2-3 effects at the same time)

Parametric Equalizers

Cd player

Black Stands

2 Platform for guitarist... 40X40X10 inches (aprox)

Phantom Power for Condenser Mics.

NOTE: Please, let us we know if you need more information or have any questions via e-mail: or by phone: 305.803.6375 or 786.252.1544, if any of these conditions cannot be met or if the changes are going to be considerable.


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