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Jose Luis de la Paz: “Day Zero” - Introspective (official video)

Jose Luis de la Paz: “Day Zero” - Introspective (official video)

video by: Pablo Croce

Jose Luis de la Paz (1967) de la Paz has long established himself as an unusual artist. A student of flamenco guitar virtuoso Mario Escudero, de la Paz is a phenomenal technician on the guitar, clearly well educated in the tradition — but also curious and courageous, willing to probe and take chances to stretch the conventions of his chosen art form.

He can go, and has gone, from a tablao accompanying a cantaor to taking the stage with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and elegantly navigating the traditional palos (flamenco styles) one moment and working on an electronic music project next. And by the way, no, not many flamenco artists have pieces with titles such as “Rondeña existencial” (Existential Rondeña).

Flamenco can be disorienting for those expecting conventional song forms, but still, de la Paz built his narratives clearly and patiently.

-Fernando González (

“His playing was as expressive as a human voice…. hypnotic, complex, constantly changing.

-Jordan Levin (Miami Herald)