I have been working on original poems/texts (Spanish/English) and music inspired by my reflections on these months of confinement and ‘paralyzed’ life.


In order to express the mélange of our city, I’m working with flamenco structures, or cadences, with an honest and integrated multiculturality. Additionally, I will be collaborating with classic musicians, jazz musicians and dancers of different styles to expand on this concept.


At the end of the process I realized I have material for 2 albums. At this moment I'm working with some guest artists from Spain, Cuba, Venezuela and USA, (Rodner Padilla, Yandi Ildemis, Diego Alvarez el Negro, Adolfo Herrera, Kenneth Jimenez, Manuel Gago, Mercedes Cortes, Jose C. Roca, Manuel Gamez, among others).


After having all the artistic production, I'll have to Clean, Mix and Mastering the album, create the cover, and release the albums.


All this will mean a considerable cost, so I ask you for help, dear followers and friends, to be able to finish this work before the end of 2020.


I invite you to enjoy the video and I leave you a link so that you can make your donation if they want it. Your collaboration will be truly appreciated


Video Guest Artists: Cello: Jose Carlos Roca // Dance: Djbuccat